Tammy Darby

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The Last Coming

The lust for the destruction of human souls
Gods hand refused to stay
While Lucifer's power ruled the earth
And black minds he would sway

The desire for mayhem and gold
Govern their embolden lies
God in his mercy allowed these living marked 666 to remain so
Not once
But twice.

The third time however
Azrael began to call
The earth shivered, the stars wept when it began
The last coming
The judgment of us all.

The Parchment was unrolled to reveal,
The evil atrocities executed in the dark.
No pleading or cries for the deeds, against humanity
Bear seeds of atonement from those empty of heart.

So, one by one the dominion of angels
Swords of divine light
As prophesied did come,
The first through the seventh sang the holy notes
Until the last song was sung.

The names of those condemned will never again be spoken,
Nor ever found in the book of gold.
They exist now only in the bowels of the earth,
An ephemeral memory to be told.

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Mar. 17, 2017
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