Tammy Darby

The House of Grief

When asked where he dwell
He replied
In the house of grief.
My heart is broken, and soul torn
Bound to a living memory
A decaying corpse
That died gasping in my arms
Her name upon my trembling lips

Life left my beloveds body
Though now long placed in the ground
Those who know me mutter under their breath
They say she makes no sound
And I am insane

In the endless aching hours
And long watches of the night
A ethereal wraith appears before me
When the red-tailed comet flies

The moon is on the wane
Reflected in the waters eye
In between the cold worlds
I listen for her cries

I asked gently with pity
Why is it must you stay
Until your mind is lost within itself
Forever and a day

He replied
By man’s spoken law she is dead
Her body I watched them lovingly lay
In my insanity she lives
Curse them I care not what they say

So, stone dead he was when they found him
It was as he had sworn
In the house of grief
He remained to the end
Until she called his name no more

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Feb. 19, 2018.
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