Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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The greatest threat to man is mankind.

It was the strangest of times
Fueled by tyrannical deceitful minds
Menacing rising breezes of war blew hot
Cruelty had defeated kindness
When freedom of thought became a treasonous crime
The stars in freefall would misalign.

The plot festered ignited by a spark began
Individuality was quickly condemned
The poisonous snake reared its head
Power and death paved the roads with strife
And the souls of the dead
Bodies rest in silent fields scattered seeds in the wind
Bones of the conquered crown the elite heads of men

So, on it went for many years
The wailing mothers of dead children
Shed unseen a million tears
The assailants show no remorse for their savagery
Laughing loudly scoffing at their approaching end.

Though taught the lesson throughout civilization
Bloated with arrogance and deficient in empathy
It was they who once again crafted their own demise
Humans were unable to grasp the laws of morality needed to survive.
Alas the greatest threat to man was mankind.

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