Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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The Gordian Knot

In concocting different personas
A writer must enhance their creations
By ignoring those who malign the rendition
Providing those that do agree
With a sense of smug elation
This tangled helix was created from lost thoughts
And writers worship of imagination.

One of the components of a gordian knot
Is first and foremost the dominant personality
Their strength being confirmed by boldness and hard stare.
Established in realms of harsh actuality

The second in line is more fluid
Babbling constantly to those shallow and nonsensical
Afraid to speak of public indignation
In constant fear of societal class censure

The last and the least of the complex braid
Neutral of the three has little or no concerns
As their melancholy minds wander a world known only to themselves
They crave a sad and faraway song

In creating different personas of the trio
The artist must enhance their creations
By acknowledging your audience’s passions
’And bowing to their demands and expectations

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