Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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The Darkest Hour

Mystical runes cast
The old forgotten songs are sung.
I summon all my power from white fire.
It approaches stealthily;
The darkest hour.

The blackened pot will be stirred.
Words unspoken for a thousand years,
From bloodless lips said.
Owls talons, lizards and toadstools,
With this potion my small vial fill.

Dragons, demons, imps, and sprites,
Salute in homage and bow down.
Ghosts appear if I so desire.
With a wave of my clawed hands.
The contents of the glowing cauldron,
Bubbling fiercely,
Turning the future red.

And so without announcement
Striking of twelve on the hour
What was foretold has begun
It comes;
The darkest hour.

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