Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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The Dark Moon softly calls the High tide

Come again once more to me my shimmering emerald love
I will cast off these robes of mottled shadows that bind my rays
Offer you my devotion unwavering
And to the universe's endless realm above
If only for a part of night and day.

Come to me on the appointed hour my beloved jade queen
As I wait impatiently for the treasures you bear in your arms
Sing to me the song of the silky sirens of the oceans
While bearing forth your cold beauty and charms

Their celestial affections continued throughout time
In its all its fiery passion and desires depths
She flowed in and out without deviating
He lovingly shone caressing beams cross her breast

So was the love between the dark moon and high tide
As jagged lightening will waltz with thunder
Forever steadfast
Eternally intertwined
Never to be torn asunder

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