Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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The Creature called Man.

Given the earth, its seas and all lands
Instead of sacred reverence
Lay upon it poison hands
Desolating all within their circle of sight
Avarice and power ruled their restless dreams
Feeding foul thoughts in the night

Gouging into the planets heart for riches untold
Siphoning all that swam in the oceans salty and cold
Felling the old tall forests till at last
There was almost no more
So, it was written by generations now long dead
That had come before

The earth in her anger called upon great glaciers to drown man
To her brother the sun kneeled and asked for the power to scorch the land
Her sister cruel winds drove men into snake infested caves
The green orb shook and tall mountains collapsed in ribbons of waves
Once rulers of all before becoming corrupt and unjust
The universe demanded they return to their origin of dust.

They were given the earth,
Its seas and all lands
Yet instead of sacred reverence
They destroyed themselves
Such is the way of the creature called man.

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