Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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The Boogeyman

Please protect me from the boogeyman
Who slithers into my thoughts late at night
And forces me to wake up screaming
Little hands coiled into tight fists
Defiant, frightened and ready to fight

His hair is brown and cold eyes blue
This demon who infiltrates my dreams
There is no exorcising this monster
Who haunts my rest with evil that shines and gleams

Pray save me from the boogeyman
Who time after time draws my blood
And in my fear, I weep
No matter where I try to hide
He will find me in the sands of sleep

Please help me slay the boogeyman
Whose only desire to destroy me
Send him back to the fires of hell whence he sprang
Into the long-lost tales and stories.

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