Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Tall tales and Dark rhyme

My offering today is tall tales and dark rhyme
A glimpse at the nether worlds of antiquity
The unknown creases in time
The heart in all its chaos besieged by illogical emotions
The minds eyes and the human brains foolish notions

Mythology for the followers of the old gods loyal they are
From the pantheon to the jade oceans, cold and deep
And the farthest blue stars
The victims of angry an goddess in her revenge for perceived insults
Mourn their fate and weep
From the shores of the leprechaun to the castle of Midas whose gold gleams
Voices from lost haunted caves of gold hunters
And murmuring streams

The sorcery of warlocks and wizards
Cursed brews and wicked spells
Tainted with the root powder of black mushrooms
From hidden dells
Stories of forgotten ancient lands
The songs the winds wail through time
My offering to stimulate your senses
Is Tall tales and dark rhyme

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