Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Take Heed and remember my warning

Shun, the animal man
For death shines from his smiling eyes
Indeed the devil sits upon his left hand.

Confident in his arrogance, he boasts of his superiority and civilization
The insatiable appetite for conquest, conflict, and strife
He is the vilest among all of the gods' creations
The desire for power and greed controls his miserable life.

If but for just a moment, lend me your ear if you will
Shun, the animal man
Take heed and remember my warning
In his foolishness to dominate the world
Man will transform blue skies into a red morning

Tammy M. Robbins December 10, 2022.
Based on Cornelius : [reading from the sacred scrolls of the apes]
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