Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Take a seat at my Feet

Take a seat at my feet and I will relay my stories
Of betrayal, secrets and murder,
The stench of death disguised as shining glory
Those unknowing who bear the mark
Twisted minds and dead hearts
Stumbling through life
Groping for goodness in the dark
Unaware they are lost

Gather closer round
If you wish I shall describe the sights and sounds
Of those who exist in the frightening inbetween
High and low though their presence can be felt
Often never seen
For all know the legends of ghosts and haunts
The pictures told to you as a child.
Souls never at rest
Clothes rotted, howling and gaunt

If you search for words of sunny skies
Blooming flowers
Princesses saved by brave men besotted with love
That climbed cursed towers
Guarded by dragons scaly and green
Of heroes and heroines with hearts of gold
Tales of valor through unnumbered centuries spoken
Their armor aspiring dreams

Look elsewhere
And strain your ears as I drop my voice low
Whispering words to intrigue your curiosity
For fear is the stimulation that quickens the blood
The nectar of the psyche
With which nothing can compete
So if you seek to whet your appetite
Take a seat at my feet.

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