Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Santa likes coffee and pie

I awoke late the eve of Christmas
To the sound of strange tinkling bells
Half Asleep looked out my window
There parked was a reindeer and sled

I get out of bed and to myself said
Something here is not right
Went into the living room shaking my head
There on my couch sat a white bearded man
Red suit
Cup of fresh coffee in hand

Still in shock I said
Hey you must be Santa Claus
But what are you doing here eating pie
Shouldn't you be delivering presents to good boys and girls
With reindeer pulling you through the skies

He said my son
I am famished and all done
Your house was my last stop
So I took a short rest and caught my breath
Please pardon me if I helped myself

Again he spoke and said
I do love cookies and milk
But there are times I like something warm
Its a very long cold trip you know
To the North pole and my home

I thank you for your hospitality
For the wonderful coffee and pie
Leaving a bag of packages under the tree
He was gone in the blink of an eye

Thinking to myself
No one will believe this
They will say
It is all a lie
That I awoke late one Christmas eve
To Santa resting on my couch
Having coffee and a slice of pie

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