Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Riding the winds of Destiny

Please forgive me as I step back into my mind
And traverse the lost dimensions of time
Jumping with little regard for my life from star to star
Admiring distant cold planets from afar

Indulge this eccentric poet as I delve into my mind
To view the dreaded and legendary depths of hell
Descending into the world of loss and burden of loneliness
And the lonesome distant sounds of deaths bell

Accompany me as I rise to the heavens
To gaze solemnly with reverence upon the golden gates
Contemplating if this is the destination of my soul
And the time I shall arrive
For I have no wish to be late

Pardon me as I stumble into my anonymous future
Having little knowledge of where the roads shall lead
Plunging headlong into the unknown
Riding the winds of destiny
Clutching the mane of life’s wild steeds.

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