Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Respectfully yours, Death

I care if little you pass by disease, gun or knife
Only that I have your pulsing life
You may jump off tall buildings or plunge into the sea
As long as your dead
That is how it must be

You may drive your car off the highest cliff
Or fall from metal planes in the skies
Understand it is of no concern to me
As long as you are not left alive

Counting the souls one thousand and ten score
Its become quite evident
I will require many more

Go to your grave by the hand of man
Or befell by sickness become ill
Die how you wish that's your choice
Because I have a quota to fill

You cannot escape me by conspiring
Or upon me devils beset
I am here for you
Your name is on my list
Respectfully yours

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