Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Poe’s addiction

I can now comprehend and sympathize with Poe’s addiction
Tortured soul cursed with words demanding release
Aloneness his burden as is often a poet's common affliction

The passageway sought that could not be obtained by any other means
except sweet nectar
His desire for expression would lead him the outermost fringes of understanding and the dark hereafter

As he delved into depths of horror and all its forms and representations.
The weakness of the body mere stepping stones, he would take to the most extreme edge of imagination
The fluttering sounds of shiny raven's wings
Bitter venom of a beating heart
The intoxicating elixir of revenge and murderous sensation

His writings often spoke of the heart, loss, regret and life's blows
Mired in controversy were his beliefs in the King of kings
and he who rules below

Enticed by the green fairy
Chasing the dragon' tail trapped in reality
He dreamt of departure from his increasing nightmares
And of deaths peaceful finality.

Struggling with ostracization and societal descent
His understood that words could not touch the mind in unity without a description of what they truly represent
The thrill of fear and fright used to relay and titillate emotions
Obscure bizarre scenario's and peculiar notions

Emptying his thoughts onto paper using quill pen until his life was spent
An anomaly of his time who begged for mercy upon reaching his end.

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