Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Peering at the Water's Edge

Are you wondering where your life has led
Or wishing the reflection in the crucible belonged to another.
In your heart does contentment flow or discourse
Enduring the struggle as man must when one becomes the other.

Has the act of living become repetitious and mundane
Un yielding hour after hour the countless thoughts flow
Unable to control them exhausted you seek sanctity of your bed
Till the sun calls
And you rise to the mornings glow

Or do you wake in the morning eager to confront the day
Dressed in the impenetrable armor of creativity and honor
Conquering any obstacle that dare stand in your way
Your quiver overflowing with arrows of emotions
Weapons of desires, dreams and all that follows

We must accept it
Sand in the wind we are whether good or bad
Never satisfied we ponder where our lives led
As we step fearlessly into the destiny that awaits us all.
Peering at the water's edge

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