Tammy Darby

One day America you must open you're eyes

And acknowledge the responsibility for starving children’s cries
For the blood red and stagnant that flows through the streets
For the deaths of struggling farmers and the poor families in distant lands
And those they will never meet
The song of suffering is youre composition

One day America
You must speak the truth
That we have left the bones of other humans in the ground
Because their lives provided no political or monetary advantage
Giving no resistance they were poor and weak
Easy to overcome they were so we destroyed them

Unaware were the endless victims until the last moments when the bombs fell
The earth opened before them and became a living hell
Lost souls in a long line of murderous actions with no impunity
God help us all if the world revolts against us in unity
We will become wooden markers that will fade and rot through time
Dead by our own hands because we believed the lies

One day America you must open your eyes

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