Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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On the wings of a Black Raven.

Turn yourself from my rage
As surely as I speak it will destroy you
Shield yourself from my glaring glance
As it is a slow but indubitable poison

There is no mercy to be found
In this unforgiving dead heart
No pity present in the chilled organ
No light penetrates the folds of the dark

Though you may attempt to safeguard your soul from my words
It is fruitless
For they will burn like witches’ fire
To see the crown slip from the brow is by far my greatest desire

Defend yourself from my hate if it please you
But expect no salvation
For from it there is no godly haven
The unholy fire now extinguished
I send my curses flying forth
On the wings of a Black Raven.

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