Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Sowing the Seeds of Curiosity

Allow me to escort you into my world of imagination and illusion
From misty shadows to light of lights that have existed through time
Envision the golden mountains of the heavens
The scented valleys of cinnamon oh so rich and pleasing
Related to you in my words of rhyme

We shall sail the path of the brave argonaut's
Marvel at the shining golden fleece
Shudder at Medea's revenge
Ride upon the Red Dragon's back with a shiver and a touch of fear
Waltz, in unison with the fabled four winds

Tread quietly amongst the Pyramids of Egypt
Listen to the drums of the great Genghis Khan
The stories of great monsters in the seas
Observe the rise and coming fall of civilization
And the legends and tales spoken in whispers since the dawn of time.

Have courage and a glimpse into the future
As a gardener, my seeds of curiosity are sown
Permit your soul to flow freely
Empower your mind to guide your thoughts
And together, let us eagerly embrace the unknown

Tammy M. Darby December 18, 2022.
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