Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Manipulators of the mind

The topic I present to you is manipulation
In the process as a reward
Provide you with cerebrel sensations
Direct you're psyche on the path the elites choose
You're mind and vote are what they want to use

Parasites they play on your loyalty to the nation and sympathy
Crow loudly about their public good deeds and humanity
All the while fingers crossed behind their backs
Unreadable faces
Leaning whatever way, the political winds blow
And ignoring scientific facts

They use algorithms to see who you are
Study your habits and words like fireflies in a jar
Accumulate your personal information and file it away
Retrieve it later and searching for a trace of subversiveness
Examining closely what you say.

Manipulators of the mind
And I tell you with all confidence
It isn't a lie
That want it all
Not a slice
But the whole pie

Forcing weighted guilt upon you
Whether deserved or not
Twisting words
You pledge your allegiance
And watch the hands of the clock

They force you to question you're very being
Then tell you you're eyes are mistaken
Trust them they know what's best for you
Reality is not what you are seeing

They require you're rare and malleable but weak cognition
Because you can be controlled with little effort and rarely listen
Pushed and pulled to the right or left
Scolded for recreant behavior and guided
Kept firmly and steadfast on the correct path
Like small children molded and constantly chided

Until finally you have become what they dreamed of
A shining example and proud acquisition
A new member of the War Machine
A label on your chest
Patriotism glistening

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