Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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In the Time after Time after Time

Grace me with your presence and in return
I will offer you a small gift
My erratic compilation of words striving ever to be sublime
Stories that appear before my eyes without reason
Whose origins I am at a loss to explain
Of the time after time after time

When great Zeus cast his thunderbolts across the night sky
Fairies, monsters and kings ruled the earth
Though now my rendition of these tales is often disputed by unbelievers
And regarded with laughter, amusement and mirth

The dwarfs and spirts dwelt in their own kingdoms
Cackling Witches rode their brooms against the night sky
The half men half wolves fed on their helpless victims
The centaurs enticed mortal women with their lies
All was as I say and continued to be
In the time after time after time

The legendary battle where the fierce warrior Achilles faced his destiny
And by a Trojan arrow in his heel was mortally felled
Shy unknown creatures trampled the deep unknown woods
The riches of the magical leprechauns and little elves

The golden fleece of Jason and the Argonauts
And Medea's spiteful revenge
The black feathered witch doctors of Kush
Hercules who would labor twelve times
For against the goddess Hera he did sin.

The elusive sea dragon of The Loch Ness
Cursed was Atlas whose shoulders bore the weight of the world
The mermaids danced in the ocean their tails of golden tone
The cries of Prometheus as his liver was slowly consumed

Hade's theft of the virgin Persephone
Forever in the underworld she would dwell
Doomed by a pomegranate seed offered by a sly hand
To sit beside him as queen on deaths throne

So, it is
Over and over, I must recite my thoughts in rhyme
Once more I speak of what my mind sees
In the time after time after time.

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