Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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In my World of Dreams

I am told by those certified normal
I cannot continue to live in a world of dreams
My chosen state of existence society will not accept
So says the physiologist with tiny black eyes
I, however, disagree with his professional opinion
And his droll advice I will most adamantly reject

I prefer my fantasies of sunken Atlantis
Of warlock’s, fairies and mischievous elves
Talking ageless trees and witches hollows
Lost stories the white owls tell
The forgotten deeds of long-dead mystical warriors
And ghostly forested haunted dells

Denied a choice
Should a world of hate and death be thrust upon me
Shall I be forced into reality against my will
Or without my permission undergo a modification of my personality
With a daily dull mind-altering pill

Permit me to live in my world of dreams
Where my heart is not broken
Cross an imagined enchanted bridge
Guarded by a belligerent burly troll
Who for safe passage demands a golden token
Soar on star high cold northern winds
Sail the deep siren cursed seas
To where nameless languages are spoken

Forked tailed dragons perch on high mountaintops
Blue-eyed fish dart in the shallows of gold-filled streams
Allow me to dwell without hindrance
Where my heart is not broken
In my make-believe world of dreams

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