Tammy Darby

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In A Witches Eye

Tis a full blood moon
Shining in a witches eye
The damned winds blow crossways
As the hour draws nigh

The ghosts rattle their wispy chains
Soulless red smiling demons scream
The night of all nights poltergeists whisper
Haunting voices that cannot be seen

Black dressed hags riding brooms star high
Cackling cast their spells
Halt the waves of time
Those who speak no more in coffins
When commanded would slowly rise

For it’s a full red moon
In a witch’s eye.
When the creatures of darkness
Frolic round an enchanted fire

The howling of the werewolves continued
So the cold night tells
Not a single trace will ever be found
Where those of the underworld dwell

Gaze deeply into the dancing flames
But beware, careless humans,
Of that which may be seen
When orange goblins of the blood moon
Celebrate Hallows Eve

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Oct. 9, 2017.
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