Tammy Darby

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I will not bow to the God of death

Though powerful he may be
Thrashing about in defiance
I repel his first assault with ferocity
Cursing, screaming and gnashing my teeth

Refusing to go meekly and willing
Resisting fiercely being conquered and overcome
Nor shall the blood in my veins cease
Till the final shadows from the darkness come

I will not bow to the God of death
Belligerent look him unswerving in the eye
Presenting boldly my refusal to accept
Unsheathing the golden sword of power
Raising high my gleaming shield of life

Though in all probability
I will succumb to my stronger opponent
It is the truth
And without hesitation let it be said
She fought the fight of the living
An adversary of death until she breathe her last

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M Darby November 25, 2021
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