Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Helen of Troy

Behind chiseled and gray high stone walls
The most beautiful woman in the world
Helen of Sparta cringing did hide
Eloping with her lover fled from her husband,
Unkind and cruel she despised

Willing to sacrifice his life for Helen
Overcome by her enchantment
Youngest son of Priam
Faithful Paris until his death stood by her side

Her beauty was unworldly and intoxicating this goddess
Fair skinned, lips of carmine and hair spun gold
The child of Leda the Aetolian princess and the God Zeus
The seductress of whom many stories would be told

She would grace the shining marble halls with her comeliness and joy
Priam defiant declared Helen of Sparta would become Helen of Troy
Angered at her disloyalty and departure her husband the violent Menelaus
And his scheming brother Agamemnon on blood oath swore
Until the last man standing that could weld a dulled blade
The Queen of Sparta would return forever to Grecian shores.

So, it was for ten long years the soldiers of Greece and Troy alike would fall
The bodies would burn on sacrificial fires
The Greeks plucked the bouzoukis during the long days
The Trojans strummed the light stringed lyre

The war continued until the Trojan horse appeared at Troy's heavy gates
Still and silent lie the enemy its belly until they sprang forth armed
Helen's beauty could not save them
Nor her even her coyest charms.
Troy in this way was conquered by the Greeks without and within
Before another battle or siege could begin.

Headlong into defeat and submission
Fell the ancient city for a woman's love
Rising up no more
Existing now only as legends in the minds of men
The tales of mythology
The songs of Homers battles and lore

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