Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Fussy Flora Kitty

Fussy Flora was a striped kitten that lived with her brothers, sisters, mama cat and Papa cat on a farm and they had the whole barn to themselves.
It was warm soft and dry in the hay and they loved napping in the soft piles of dried grass. They gave the fat rats a chase now and then, but they didn’t really want to catch them because the kitty kids played with the rat kids at night and they had fun jumping, rolling and romping.

Papa Cat liked to stop off at the river sometimes when he got off work at the Purr Purr Mill and catch a big fat fish for his wife Pitty Pat and the family, but Flora was a fussy feline and one evening she said,
‘Fish fish, fish, I don’t want fish I want something else to eat.’ Her brothers and sisters said nothing and stared at her laughing and ate their fish, ‘yum yum, yum, we love fresh fish.’
Her mother said, 'There are starving kitties in China who would love to eat your fish, Flora.'
She didn’t care about China and Flora told her mama and papa kitty she wasn’t going to eat fish and went for a walk.
Not too far her mama Cat told her.
So off Flora went. First, she stopped at The Redbird house and knocked. Hello is anyone home?
Mr. Redbird came to the door and said Come on in Flora we have some nice fat red worms for supper, and you are welcome to stay and eat with us. Oh no, wiggling worms she thought but not wanting to upset Mr. Redbird she said, ‘I have had supper already but thank you for the invitation,’ she waved goodbye and skipped down the lane.

. Soon she came to The Hoppity Frog village where everyone was sitting on the edge of a deep pond. Big frogs, little frogs, whole families of frogs. ‘Ribbit Ribbit they all cried, 'hello Flora said Festus the green frog we are just having our dinner, a big batch of flying bugs caught tonight would you like to stay for supper we would like it very much.

Yuck flying bugs???? I don’t want any of those they might taste icky, so she said, ‘No thanks Festus Frog I am full already but enjoy your meal.’ She followed the walking path and saw a dark fat figure coming her way and who was it but Mr. Gus Groundhog. Why if it isn’t Flora Kitty are you hungry, I am having some fine fresh green grass come and join me, won’t you?
Grass??? Kitties don’t eat grass and she laughed. No thank you, I don’t want any grass. She thanked Gus Groundhog and kept going.

Just before she was going to turn left to her house, she saw Sam snake. Hello Mr. Sam, what are you doing this fine day?
I am about to eat my supper he said looking at her with his black eyes Then she saw what he was having he had caught one of the rat kids, and before he could say boo Flora pounced on him gave him a shake, bit his tail, and out popped the Rat kid from the snake’s mouth.
Flora dusted him off, checked him over, asked if he was okay and they headed home. The little rat kid went to his hole in the haystack he was glad to be at his house. Flora went home too and she was tired of her adventures.

Well did you have a good walk Papa Kitty asked? ‘Yes, I did’ she replied, and I am hungry for fresh fish. Papa and mama kitty looked at each other and shook their heads smiling. Flora knew that fish was much better than flying bugs, wiggling worms or grass and never said she didn’t like fish again.

My effort at writing children’s stories.

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