Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Silent and unseen I watched her stop eating and sleeping, broken, she wasted away while her very being crumbled with despair and loss. She became gaunt, almost skeletal, withdrawn, shutting out the world. Lost in a maze of confusion, trapped between loyalty and betrayal, after all he had done, she still loved him. He was neither honorable or worthy of her devotion.

Pitying her and on her behalf I filled his dreams with sobs and cries of suffering, while sprinkling his soul with the light touch of paranoia, and cursed his heart. I called upon him in the darkest hours of the night, as years turned into months, months into days, and minutes became seconds.

The time came at last when I called upon him and trembling in fear, almost meekly he asked my name.
Emotionless and unmoved by the look of dawning recognition on his face I remained in the shadows of his mind said nothing, and stared at him without uttering a sound. His voice tainted with panic and hope for a reprieve, once again asked me, ‘what is your name?
I smiled and in my softest voice whispered in his ear,

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