Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Crimson Skies in the Morning

Crept in sinister and foreboding
Announcing their arrival in silent contrails of clotted red
Though the signs were not heeded
The impending extinction civilization was to face
From this reality, humans turned their eyes away

The war was soon in coming
Blood parasites set their war machines humming
Singing songs of death and gold coins
Rubbing their hands with mad glee
As death profiteers cackled and rejoiced
Veiled widows sobbed quietly resigned and forlorn

Black strangling stench of rotting bodies and lies
The look of defeat in helpless glazed eyes
Tears running down accepting streaked faces
Sounds of fading souls and lost dreams
The screams of the dying lessened and eventually ceased

When Crimson skies in the morning
Crept in sinister and foreboding

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