Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Condemned to my own living hell

My thirst for revenge was so great
The earth trembled in fright
And in my unbounded fury
Blinded the sun itself
And flung the moon from the sky
The stars fled from their cluster’s sparkling ever so bright
The universe conceded, vanquished, cowered and cried

My anger was vehement
HeavIng forth oceans from their beds
Rendered the fiercest winds impotent
The rivers ran over smooth stones flowing thick and red
Even small streams shone dull crimson
As they traveled over the resting places of the dead

My pain had no description in human words
Such was the level of my despair
By a living being never comprehended
Nor my screams and howls in darkness
That burst forth from my mouth unapprehended
Listening was only the ghosts that accompanied dreams

Not one was aware of the madness that assailed my weakening mind
Wallowing in the beckoning songs of melancholy
Lost helplessly in past memories that never wane
Black curses my soul
In its vengeance called forth
From the recesses of laughing flames

And at last, my desire was sated
They would soon be in the cold ground and dead
Pity me not my victim they rest in peace
I chose the fatal path where malevolence led
I am you see forever but an empty shell
The fate of being devoid of all emotions
Condemned to my own living hell

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