Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Christmas time is right around the corner

Small children are filled with anticipation and joy
Snug in their warm beds
Stockings on their heads
Their thoughts are filled with toys galore
Candy canes and sweets make the dreams complete
For all the little girls and boys.

The reindeer are nervously pawing on the roof
A plump old man held their reins
A pipe in his mouth, shiny merry eyes
He had a large sack in his hand

A fine red suit
Wide belt and black boots
A long white beard and plump pink cheeks
Down, down, down, the sooty chimney he went
And lands with a sigh and a blink

He put his parcels under the tree
He looks around, and what does he see
’A little note for only Santa to read
We left you some cookies on the table
Help yourself to the coffee
And please put your cup in the sink

So, he ate the cookies, drank the coffee, and laughed
Wiggled his nose and up the chimney, he rose
Into the sleigh, he went sailing through the air
He wished all a Merry Christmas
And flew to the North Pole.

Tammy M Darby. December 22, 2022.
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