Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Wild nation of inconstant color
That hide the painted peoples once unknown
Concealed steaming lush jungles
Ancient trees teeming with variegated parrots, and monkeys
Where lies rare delicate plants and orchids
The Shamans yet undiscovered elixirs of old

Brightly displaying their markings frogs and snakes
Estuaries teem with ancient gigantic fish
Multitoothed scaled silver and gold
By living humans’ eyes nevermore seen in dark depths
Except in indigenous legends now told

Above the primeval forest, skies ring blue over the supple realm
As trails of rain drift to the black soil below
Joining rivulets of watery fingers under rich canopies
In increasing haste seeks the wild rivers
As stalkers silent, clawed and deadly
Lie in wait on spoor laden pathway’s or padding to and fro

The heavy humid days in gratuity welcome
The coming coolness and the echoing cries of the nights
This is the country of Brazil,
It's future slowly dimming
As the world ignores its plight.

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