Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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Black flowers

I have a lovely garden
That no human eyes ever see
From all others set apart
Watered carefully
Affectionately tilled and tended
It grows Black Flowers
The color of a deceitful heart

They will not permit other blossoms to flourish
No one knows from where they sprang
Or all the secrets of their dark power
But when the clock strikes twelve
These are the words I say
While filling my basket at the midnight hour

Legends say black flowers
Should only be given to a heart untrue
There is no one, I am told
That deserves them more
So, this bouquet was created for you.

Black Flowers for honor betrayed
Black Flowers for vows spoken
Black flowers for traitorous lies
Black Flowers for love lost
Black Flowers for a heart broken

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