Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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As You Tip Toe through Time

In the back of your mind
Do you pause to recall only pleasant memories
And from your own hearts self secret, the rest

You know, the ones of whom I speak
Birthed, they were in thoughts, slumber,
The shadows that you cannot expel
Of which you cannot speak

Holding them close to your breast
So no one else may ever see
That which haunts your mind at night
The ghost that racks your emotions with fright

As you tip-toe through time
The conquerer of pen and paper
Using your prowess to entice letters into rhyme
Forcing words against their will to comply
Transforming them into the desired straight lines

As you tip-toe through time
Seeking letters to satisfy youre endless appetite for description
That has no beginning or end
And ever will
That cannot be quenched
When the yearning of the poet begins
As you tip-toe through time

@ Tammy M. Darby February 5, 2023
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