Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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An experiment for their amusement

They said is because we are frail and human
We possess such a myriad of flaws
Though perfect test subjects
I however vehemently disagree
And say this scourge arrived from the stars

It came to earth from the edge of nothingness
That which lies silently beyond
An experiment for their amusement
By those who remain yet unseen
And slowly infected us all

Emanating from our shallow hearts
Animalism consumed us
They would argue pointedly and insist
Far too brutal and violent to be civilized
We were unworthy of the privilege to exist

In curiosity they watched us
As jealousy poisoned the waters of man
Hate fed the earths dying bitter soil
Gorging on our own cruel wanton desires
Only for these did we connive and toil

Chosen because we are weak and human
Imperfect and hopelessly flawed’
Seeds of self-destruction cast among us
An experiment for their amusement
And slowly it infected us all

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