Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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The Africans speak of their long history
Told by the griots while cooling in a breeze
In the old tales and legends of Chaka Zulu
The birth of the Rustamid dynasty in its infancy
The many lives of the Baobab tree.

The spotted leopard is silent, patiently stalking his prey
With a red fleshy furrowed brow
The vultures wait for death, and their daily meal
The crocs hide unmoving at the water’s edge.
Grumbling loudly at the rising day,
The lions and tigers howl with ferocity and zeal.

From the decaying structures of the Malian empire
Across the rich continent, it would span
The beginning of time’
The beginning of man
All sprang from Africa’s warm hands.

From the sparkling bays of Algeria
To the coastlines of Botswana
From generation to generation, they pass down their stories
The one they tell now
Is of Africa rising
Climbing the steps to continents’ future glory

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