Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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A Modern human being

I am transforming myself into a program
My future residence a synthetic bot
My mind is cold, logical, and I am sane
Realistic and now exuding practicality
Being no longer infected by the scourge
My feeble heart no longer rules my brain

I brush empathy the nuisance, away with a sigh
Ignore sympathy pleading, with a disapproving eye
Laugh at pity with disdain, slightly amused
I no longer hear the plight of the poor or the mentally confused

I am transforming my self into a machine that will never sing
These new thoughts of complete emptiness
Have set my irrational emotions reeling
Soon I will be all that composes the creature
A modern human being
Indifferent, unfeeling, uncaring and unseeing

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