Tammy Darby

October 21, 1957
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A Mind of Unbalanced Imagination

Enter my realm of peculiar word and rhyme
A mind of unbalanced imagination
If by some chance my words displease you
I offer my sincerest consolations

Instead let us travel to the fringe of the galaxy
Or plunder the forests that echo the night birds' cries
Climb upon the silent clawed sphinx
Ride the chariots of the Hittes
Climb Tibet's jagged mountains ancient and wild

Fly as birds across frozen Artic plateaus of ice
Sit deep in sweet fairy heather
Bathe beneath the great African waterfalls
Blow the horns of the legendry Vikings
In Dragon ships glide noiselessly in Irish waters

Slide around on the colored rings of mars
Explore snake infested uncharted foggy jungles
Or don the trappings rum drinking bawdy pirates
And throughout the high seas plunder

For a walk through the stories of fantasy and legend
Let us not forget the Wizards of old
The witches who dance by enchanted fires in the night
Vampires in anticipation waiting in the trembling shadows
The veiled silent ones who have the feared sight

So, take a moment from your trying day
Enter the gallery of tales and rhyme
Let us travel to the edge of creation
And what lies before us
Trapezing backwards and forwards in time

I entreat you to enter
I offer my open invitation
I shall do my best to entice you
Into a mind of unbalanced imagination

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