talent madhuku

july 17, 1992- Harare,Zimbabwe

Be brave

Be brave young boy and you too young girl please be brave.
In this world where lies are made truths and where truths are made lies, please be brave.
Like a lion be fearless.
And opportunities to you will become endless.
Don't be afraid to dream.
Dream big, all great men and women were dreamers.
In this world, always work hard and aspire.
Even when things momentarily go sour,
Please young one endure and don't ever tire.
This is a world full of afflictions.
It is a society where people are trying to fight an ever army of ailments.
In this society always know that your wealth is in your health.
This life upon earth is one that shall always be infinitely unfair.
Where those who talk the loudest are viewed as virtuosities.
It is a life where harmony shall always be preached loudly while at the same time war is waged surreptitiously.
In a world like this don't always expect a punch in the face but be wary of a stab in the back.
Always strive to attain wisdom.
A person with wisdom attains the most important thing in life, eternal peace.
For it is through eternal peace that one attains fulfilment.
Always know that it's hard to be brave.
It is very hard.
We are in a society where the cowardly ones will always try to make you look bad.
Where invidious characters will strive to derail you from your path.
Do not falter, please do not mind them, always remain bold.
Don't be afraid of failure.
Encounter it you will, don't despair always know that it is part of nature.
Like the sun chasing away the darkness.
Like the Phoenix rising reborn from it's ashes.
Young one from your failures arise.
Learn from them they do nothing but make you stronger.
Always know that you are living in a society where many people suffer from hunger.
A world of intolerance which has given birth to hate and anger.
Where thousands of people die each and every day.
In a world like this it is easy to forget the most important gift that you have, life.
So every time that things do not go your way, young boy and you too young girl, please raise your head high and say, I will be brave whatever happens I will be brave.
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