T. Michael Francis

Midwest, USA

Cries Of The Innocent Ones

How many cries must we hear,
On innocent ones torn from their wombs so dear;
Of limbs ripped apart by the evil of man,
And thrown down into a dirty trash can?
Even the hardest of hearts you would feel,
Would feel remorse for its murderous zeal.
Yet thousands and thousands die each day,
Without even getting the chance to say,
"Don't do this to me, I beg you, please!
If only I was born, I would get on my knees!"
But to these little martyrs we all must pray,
For their intercession to God will help us each day.
God's mercy is great, do not forget!
Please repent, you will not feel regret!
How many cries must we hear?
How many cries will we hear this year?
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