Sumit Maurya

September 3, 1984 - Earth
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Ray of Sun

A brimming city's afternoon
With a lady serving alcohol
The man with no sea shells on him
Came and stole the show.

The darkness showed the path that day,
As he stopped the sun to move,
People busy in nitty gritty
Much in need to find the groove.

With the shadow not moving an inch,
The birds started to crow
Made those busy people to think,
This must be the man we need to know.

Came running the king, the proud,
Bowed down with his folded hands
Paid the lady the amount was due
For the alcohol worth thousand grands.

Yogi lifted the stopper of sun
The city went into the dark again
The path was seen clear to all
Where sorrow ends and the life Begin

Sumit Maurya
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