Stephen Sandy

August 2, 1934 / Minneapolis


When the war came that year it was the fashion to place
a light in the window then lights went on each night to give

some shape to a dark that rose from the streets a flood swelling
with fear while they waited for reliable news from the front.

A candle or electric holiday light that looked like a candle
showed you supported the troops showed you were on board

perhaps even a parent of one out there and you
honored their loved ones of course and were opposed to war

and prayed this one would soon be over. In the event
few fell if thousands of enemy perished slowly triumph

broke out over the city soon candles winked out as when
a parade has passed and the music fades—though in one window

a light burned on long after the war was history. What
did it mean who lit it each night that far watch fire burning.
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