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September 13, 2001 - India
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Lockdown in India

Oh! what lockdown, Noooooo....tell me this is a nightmare.
This was the reaction of every indian citizen after hearing about lockdown due to corona.
Nobody knew that at 8:00pm, on 23th March they will get to hear something like this, about which they didn't have thought ever.
Some people started cursing the "virus", some the government and nearly 1%called it a great decision to save mankind.
No school , no office, no travelling just stay indoors said the government. The citizens decided to obey the instructions with a very heavy heart.
Now, everything had changed people who had declared themselves as the most busy persons in the world were sitting idle at home with there family.
Among all the citizens the most happiest were the school going children because for them it was like a dream true cause lockdown meant no school and tution.
Everything had suddenly changed . At times it felt like the enitre nation had come to a standstill.
Economy has collapsed, in this thinking life is there then there is everything.It bought a time of crisis for the entire nation.
But still we joined hands and the enitre nation stood as one to fight covid cause " United we stand divided we fall".
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