sookdeo manansingh

-Trinidad and TobagoFebruary 23 1963
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Sparks of divinity

Like a hunter's weapon
target to find it.s prey
the knowledge clear in my mind
will trace a way
the clouds travel with the wind
to shield the earth
I see no difference between the hunter
and the clouds
for they carry the same vision bother moment to capture th

the opportunity to lead
is like being a cloud to look down below
as knowledge is the only line of defense
to escape any blow
the moment to capture a glimpse
of an eclipse comes with the moon
life uncertainties are difficult to predict
when there is no chance to leave soon

the web of desire when entangled
leaves no room to escape
bitterness and greed come like a storm
to leave a trail of darkness over the landscape
I am always reminded that
the foresight of faith
will fetch the future to my feet
what a beautiful site to witness
the sun disappear
where heaven and earth meet

this world is like a mirrorr
to reflect the soul of the infinite
birth and death
are like lamps from heaven
coming and going
all having the same one light
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