Sir Henry Wotton

1568 - 1639 / England

A Hymn

Oh, thou great Power ! in whom I move,
For whom I live, to whom I die,
Behold me through thy beams of love,
Whilst on this couch of tears I lie
And cleanse my sordid soul within,
By thy Christ's blood, the bath of sin.

No hallowed oyls, no grains I need,
No rags of saints, no purging fire ;
One rosie drop from David's seed
Was worlds of seas to quench thine ire
O precious ran some ! which once paid,
That Conmminatum est was said ;

And said by Him that said no more,
But seal'd it with his sacred breath :
Thou, then, that has dispong'd my score,
And dying wast the death of Death,
Be to me now, on thee I call,
My life, my strength, my joy, my all!
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