Sihle Mjobo

April 1,1997-Durban
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Living Impressions

I worry too much about leaving an impression, sometimes I consequently do ,without actually living the impression. Facades end up being the real me. I can assure you! tomorrow I will definitely awake a new me ,depending on tonight’s resolution. I guess changing from time to time is an evolution. Born of necessity , ‘cause frequently it’s the only solution. When running out of options I make persona adoptions. And being what they want has always got me what I want.
I supposed I could never be juxtaposed, a foot on each side of the fence, and hence my stance was never final. I worshipped spontaneity, my abstract god who blesses me with feat after exciting feat, seldom curses me with blow after humbling blow, lending new perspectives every time it knocks me off my feet.
Never the less our yoke remains unbreakable. To me define and confine, do more than just rhyme. So I shove them in the same box, hide it where no one dares to look. I am an open book, not in the sense that I’m easy to read, I’m an unfinished masterpiece that can never be confined to a couple of pages tucked inside a vaguely titled cover, for you to discover the infinite mysteries of the cosmos within me.
I guess we’re all the same, masses on different journeys to self mastery. Armed with arrogance, humbled by experiences yet still putting ourselves above all else. I reckon that’s the way to live. If not then how else?

Sihle Sibabalo Mjobo
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