Shree Mukherjee

February 17, 2005, India, West Bengal
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Life - It’s initialism

Life is a one-way route from the letter B to D – Birth to Death see,
Which will lead to straight path- no coming back.
In between comes C, which is our choice, when I ask them how to choose?
They say proceed to A, they will guide you!
Says A, you need an attitude.
I asked them where and how to get thee?
They reply, proceed toward E.
I say, do I need to go that far now? He says yes, it’s crucial to fathom the stance-
E says you need Empathy, numerous weapons to annihilate,
But can you formulate a wand to beautificate?
You can, if you have all of us at once!
Walking by trailing all initials I end up at F, what now?
They say, I reached my life goal and it’s the final vow!
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