Seyi Ojenike

January 26, 1992 - Lagos
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The Curious Case of Sane Mad Men

Their minds are a paradox,
A riddle too complex to solve.
Their thoughts like a labyrinth,
A maze of madness that evolves.

They walk among us, hidden in plain sight,
A puzzle to be deciphered, a mystery to unfold.
For they are the sane mad men,
Whose stories are waiting to be told.

Their creativity knows no bounds,
As their minds dance to a different tune.
For in their madness, they have found
A world that lies beyond the moon.

They see beauty in chaos,
A different kind of truth they find.
Their imagination runs wild,
For they have a different kind of mind.

Some call them crazy, some call them mad,
But they see the world with different eyes.
They are the ones who never conform,
For they are the ones who dare to rise.

Their minds a canvas, their thoughts a brush,
They paint a picture that's uniquely theirs.
For in their madness, they have found a rush,
A feeling that only a few ever dares.

So, let us embrace these sane mad men,
For they are the ones who make life a bit more fun.
For in their madness, they have a gift to share,
A new perspective, a different kind of sun.
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