Scott Sowerby

August 18, '97 - Yorkshire
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KingsX Leeds - 19.8.23

Toxicology report came back.
Apparently I'm rotting out,
From all the microplastics,
In my diet.

I had to hand in my report,
On Saturday, concerning
The State of the Nation. Entranced,
I tore Blighty a new one.

Instagram notified me,
That I'm on government report,
For cursing out the new PM,
Into the mic of my phone.

I'm putting the pigeons on report, too.
Poor, dirty buggers.
I wish they'd bloody Unionise,
And stop bloody loitering.

Everybody on this train,
Is just a breakup, or breakdown,
From spending nights, listening
To the coos of the pigeons.

From knowing their favourite platform,
At Kings Cross, dry spot
In Soho,
And perch, at Bank.

The reporting in the Evening Standard,
Has caused twelve cases of
rage induced blindness,
This week alone.

Initial reports from doctors indicate,
A lethality to the psychotic condition,
But nothing the drugs can't squash.

Great. My train is being held.
I hope I make the show.
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