Satabdi Bhuyan

March 13,2001- Guwahati

The Dusk of Eighteenth

I laugh, i cry, amidst the crowd
But you notice me not;
I am quiet, as silent as a grave
And there you are, your glories are loud.

I am queer, i am meek
But i try to fit in;
Those bars stand tall inside my head
Make me wonder, “is the world truly so bleak?”

I was happy once, i can surely recall
I see myself and sigh;
I wanted to conquer glory, however small
Never wanting my life to get wasted by.

My dreams had not rusted
My thoughts needn’t be painted
-“Oh! What an unworldly child!
To life he was not yet acquainted.”

-“That was a bright past you just lived
Now it’s time for a reality check;
Your future looks at you with defiance
Conquer your glory, grab it by its neck!

You need not spend hours in nostalgia
Take a stand, make a fresh start!
I used to bleed, but not anymore,
Oh yes honey! I am your beating heart.”
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