Samuel Cody

July 6, 1991 - Massachusetts


In every worthy fight, I'm the first one to step in
In any noble battle, I'm the last one to step out.
Even as my strength grows thin
I stand my ground, and abate all routes.
To turn and run would be my greatest sin,
They'd flay me like a surly lout.
So, I wear a dreadful grin
And fight on, with no doubts.

I set myself between you and danger
A firmly built, guardian colossus.
Whether you be friend or stranger
I contend on your behalf, as my masters' Molossus.
To protect the weak is the essence of my nature
I'm incapable of collapsing into stasis,
An immortal, stoic, warrior ranger.
The cosmos furious justice in the face of wicked causes

I'm a constant obstacle, like a mighty iron wall.
Even so, my mind and body are full of wounds
And I shall not know a world without pain; doomed never to fall
Yet, from cosmic forces far beyond, comes a song that soothes.
As champion of the Gods, I stand up straight, and heed their call
To see my scars become my strengths, is one of my sacred boons.
Fueled by the stars above, I raise my fists to maul
Hordes of demons, seeping from their festering cocoons.

I'm the sword of astral vengeance
Wreathed in flames of zealous passion.
Waging war on the Gods' behalf is my attendance,
From where I come, or what I'm made, I cannot fathom.
I yearn for that day to come, when I shall meet with my transcendence
Yet, 'til the day the Gods' have died, I'll carry out my sacred duty in a noble fashion.
In that hour I shall rejoice, and take solace in my mitigated sentience,
When the husk of time falls away, and I am finally ashen.
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